The Challenge of Entering New Zealand

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We were quite excited to go from Singapore to New Zealand, our first destination where we wanted to stay longer and explore the history and culture. It has been a journey about 23 hours in total to get to Queenstown (New Zealand) with a flight of 7,5 hours to our Stopover in Sydney. ATTENTION: if you book a flight with Scoot-Air there is NO WATER and NO FOOD included!!! We didn’t know that and didn’t have a lot to eat and drink with us (which is one of the worst thing that could happen to us). Therefore we needed to buy something on the flight which is really expensive and not good at all! Furthermore Scoot does not offer free entertainment but we always have enough books with us (KINDLE RULEZ!)



Before the takeoff in Singapore, during changing our money at the airport, we met this Austrlian Guy who gave us one Singapore Dollar that we were missing to receive another New Zealand Dollar, which seemed quite nice – you think 😉 What coincident that he also had a stopover in Sydney and stayed with us. He just DID NOT STOP TALKING!!!! like never, also when we said we want to rest, or listen to music, he was just continuing to talk – LOUD – continously,…. Wow… haha that was interesting.  So we definitely payed back for this one Singapore Dollar! ATTENTION: Another important fact: the airpoirt in Sydney closes during the night!!! You are only allowed to stay in a seperate, very small area if you arrived late in the evening and have a flight early in the morning the next day. If not you need to drive either into the city or pay a very expensive airport hotel. If you are allowed to stay you get locked in this seperate area and a security guy is checking if you are really allowed to stay – WEIRD!!! As the australian guy just didn’t stop talking and also started an argument with the security man about how weird it is, that the airport closes, we nearly got kicked out of the airport, as the security man thought we are a group. Well, this is the so called biggest and international Airport of Australia 😉 well – we survived the stopover and even the australian guy while watching a few episodes of the series LOST on the quite uncomfortable hard, cold stone-floor.

The flight in the morning from Sydney to Queenstown with Qantas took about 3 hours. We got a very good fruit plate for breakfast <3 – so this is a very good Airline 😊  TIP: If you get the chance to go to New Zealand fly into Queenstown – the landing is AMAZING!!!! You fly so close to mountains, it feels as you can touch them but at the same time it’s a little bit frightening as you think „are we too close to the mountains? Will we crash?“ but nope – everything went fine and was overwhealming. The view was beautiful with a lot of snow areas in the mountains and different shades of white, grey and green, so you instantly feel the urge to climb a mountain. But what should we tell you – have a look yourself: See Video here!



After the landing as we went out the plane we needed to pass different stations. First you will pass the Security and Immigration Control. They ask you a lot of questions (were have you been before, why, who have you met, what are you doing in New Zealand, with whom, where do you know each other from, when will you leave,…..) . They then write a letter on your custom-declaration (Jessy and me got different letters). Afterwards you go to the second station which is the customs. You have to declare literally EVERYTHING you carry with you (shoes wich you have worn outdoors, all the medicine you take with you, every kind of food, products for the body, things for swimming, and so on. Of course we did declare everything but nevertheless they asked us quite unfriendly to follow them into a seperate room.  The guy there had a closer look at our declaration sheets and, it seems like they didn’t like that Jessica had spent some time in different asian countries lately,  picked her backpack to look trough it in detail – and I really mean IN DETAIL – like getting e very single piece out of it and looking through it, checking if anywhere is the slightest part of drugs wich could have touched your backpack…. and well – of course they found ONE ITEM, we totally forgot to declare –> a snorkeling mask! As we had not intended to use them in New Zealand we haven’t spent a though on them. Unlucky us not declaring something means you have to pay a fine of $400 New Zealand Dollars. After his dangerous finding he needed to call his boss to tell her how nasty we are. His boss therefore ask us like 15 times why we we didn’t declare it. Nevertheless, in the end, as we declared everything else she only gave us a warning letter and mentioned that we should never do something like this again as it is a serious crime!!! Well, that we didn’t do this on purpose was of no interest for them 😉 Furthermore they didn’t stop to ask us questions about drugs,  if we take them or if we have been in contact with them, and if our medicine is normal medicine, and why we come to Queenstown, bla bla bla…. Omg… they kept us there for 2 hours and it felt like they didn’t want us to enter AT ALL! At the same time we found out, that we still have our swiming shoes with us (also forgot to declare them!!! well yeah – bad luck!). The boss, giving us the warning letter made clear that if they will now find anything else they will fine us.  The guy who was sneaking through Jessies things did not see her shoes and we thought „should we tell him?“  but as his boss made clear the consequences said „okay – let’s not say a word and put Tamara’s shoes in Jessies backpack, just in case they are looking in Tamara’s backpack as well (yeah, we forgot that they have Video Surveillance – good idea to quickly put something from one backpack in the other to hide something… that doesn’t look criminal at all… of course not… but well… that’s the way the cockie crumbled. We couldn’t take it back afterwards as the guy was back. After they finished looking trough Jessies backpack we also needed to put our backpack in an x-ray (so it was totally unnecessary to put my shoes in her backpack hahaha) and of course they found something of Jessica and wanted to look through the backpack AGAIIIIIIIIIN *ahhhh* . But finally, after twooooooo hours, we managed to get out of the airpoirt and to meet Jeff – our lovely host! At the same time, during the first day, we couldn’t stop thinking, that if they see how we have put something from Tamara’s into Jessie’s backpack, they will get us and sent us back home hahaha. Of Course it didn’t happen as there was also the X-Ray afterwards but nevertheless – stupid idea. NEVER DO THIS AT HOME!!!

Jeff, who picked us up, then explained us, that there is a huge drug problem in Queenstown and that a lot of people, coming from Asia, are drug smuggelers. So the reason they have been so unfriendly to us was, that they thought Jessy might be a drug smuggeler as she has visited so many different asian countries in such a short period of time haha.


Thank you for this WARM WELCOME NEW ZEALAND 😀


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  1. Super, dass doch alles gut gegangen ist – und lasst euch nicht von drugs smugglers anquatschen ,-) have a nice trip in new zealand, it’s a beautyful island, wish I will stay with you 🙂

  2. Hahaha! wir wurden fast zerlegt weil wir nen apfel dabei hatten. 🙂

  3. ich hoffe, euer bisheriger Aufenthalt war wärmer als das unterkühlte Willkommenskomitee 😉
    würde mich über einen Bericht über eure Unterbringung, Wanaka, euren Tagesablauf und Fotos freuen 🙂

  4. Die Natur entschädigt dann wohl für alles. 😻😻😻

  5. Das ist schon einer der Gründe, warum ich da nicht hin will !

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