New Zealand – South Island

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We have spent close to 4 weeks on the South Island of New Zealand and most of the time we have stayed at Jeff’s. We decided to try WWOOFing in New Zealand and got in contact with Jeff around May to arrange everything. Jeff is and elderly men who has very interesting stories about his life to tell, he knows a lot about the history from all around the world, is talkative, nice, intelligent, funny, interested in learning new things and broaden his horizont and generous. Living with him ment to take a little bit care about his daily scheduled activities (most of all eating 😉) and mostly to talk and listen to him, enjoying the well spent time and letting him show you aorund this lovely island. We really appriciated our time in Wanaka and with Jeff.

Besided we also rented a car for 5 days and went to Milford Sound, doing the lovely cruiserie, hiking stunning tracks and watching seals at Dunedins Peninsula. What was most remarkable about the South Island is the beautiful, unreal seeming blue water. It doesn’t matter if it is a small lake, a river or a giant lake which you coul easily mistake with the sea – the water has so many different shades of blue and all of them are breathtaking. You could not tell how deep the water is as the ground always appears to be so close due to the clear water. We were also really lucky, that we have been in New Zealand during spring in that area (october/november), as everything was blossoming. Furthermore we also got the chance to meet a lovely girl from he US who stayed at Jeff’s for 2 days, named Chealsea and a girl from Denmark named Corelia. Beside that we also relaxed a bit during rainy days and watched LOST 😀


What a typical day with our lovely host Jeff looked like:

Early in the morning Tamara often got up to do a little morning Jog around lovely Wanaka and Sticky Forest. Jeff used to have his breakfast prepared around 8:30AM. After that we used to have a good chat and prepare him some coffee and cookies around 10AM. Often he will drive you around the South Island to show you some interesting sites and location or for having lunch at a lovely Picknick Spot or in beautiful Cromwell. At 5 PM it was time for a good bear and enjoy the afternoon before having dinner at 6:30PM. After that we either chattet or watched a nice movie.

Cinema “Paradiso” in Wanaka

In the town Wanaka there is this lovely little cinema called “Paradiso”. Instead of normal cinema seats they provide Couches and also a car, for the impression of a car-cinema. In the middle of the movie there would be a break in which you can buy hot freshly baked cookies and selfmade icecream.


Renting a car

The cheapest possibility to rent a car in Wanaka for us was €142,38 for 5 days (very small car). We drove to Rob Roy Glaciers, to Milford Sounds, Dunedin and back to Milford Sounds (in total around 1000km) and spent around €160,- on fuel. So renting a car in New Zealand is no cheap but it is totally okay and was worth the money as we have seen such lovely Destinations.


Spendings in New Zealand South Island:

We have spent 24 days on the South Island and in total around €1077,22. That means per person we only spent around €22,44 per day (including the car) 😊



17.10. Arrival in NZ – Problems at the Customs – Jeff picked us up – Drive to WANAKAAAA

18.10. We learnt to drive a car on the left side on the roads

19.10. Picknickspot and spending time with Jeff

20.10. Lunch at Cromwell – brought Jeff to Queenstown airport for his vacation

21.10. Relaxday & watching LOST

22.10. Isthmus Peak Hiking Day

23.10. Exploring Wanaka Town and two Second Hand Stores 😉

24.10. Relaxday

25.10. Puzzling World & Rainy Day

26.10. Renting a car à Rob Roy Glaciers

27.10. Drive to Milford Sounds

28.10. Miford Sound Cruise

29.10. Drive to Dunedin and exploring the Peninsula

30.10. Cadbury Chocolat Factory and Graffitti Streetwalk in Dunedin and driveback to Wanaka

31.10. Returning the car, dancing in the Pub

01.11. Kayaking Day

02.11. Picking up Jeff from Queenstown Airport

03.11. Relaxday due to rain

04.11. Drive with Jeff to Water KRAFTWERK & Lake XXX

05.11. Relaxday due to rain

06.11. Hiking Mounr Iron

07.11. Melbourne Cup – betting on horses of Jeff’s brother it didn’t win)

08.11. Enjoying last day in Wanaka and with Jeff, running, cooking, talking

09.11. Goodbye Wanaka & Jeff



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  2. diese land ist so beeindruckend, so tolle fotos, die euer leben so weit weg wiedergeben, wünschen euch auch weiterhin ganz viele tolle eindrücke und erlebnisse 🙂

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