Tongariro Crossing – Vulkanüberquerung

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Follow us to a magnificent hike over an active vulcano – the Tongariro Crossing! If you follow the path it is 19,4km long and at some points quiet steep. As you know us, we also explore the surrounding of the path like a little climp up on a waterfall or to another corner of the vulcano where there was still some snow left. You name it! We had an awesome snowball fight on top of a volucano 🙂

Enjoy the Video and Photo Gallery!

4.12.17: Ankunft National Park

5.12.17: Tongariro Volkun Überquerung


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  1. An original Jess & Mara snowball action live on an active vulcano. Gorgeous <3

  2. tolle Landschaft – Musik passt super !

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