Tamara’s time in SE Asia

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Hey dear friends,

after our trip trough Australia, Jessy and i seperated to travel on our own for a while. My soulsister Jessy went to Cambodia while I was flying to Thailand to visit my dear friends Sabrina and Martin in Koh Payam who I haven’t seen for approximately 1 year. <3 I have spent one week with them on this lovely small Cashew-Nut Island, exploring amazing shakes and having a little sneak-peak into th travel-style of Travel-letics (click HERE to check out their website). Koh Payam is a very quiet small island on the northern westcoast of Thailand. Sunrises and Sunsets there are breathtaking, food is traditional but it is also a little bit more expensive than other parts of Thailand. If you go there make sure to jump into the hippy-bar which is made out of driftwood and serves the best and also most beautifully garnished Pad Thai I have ever eaten in whole Thailand.

After Koh Payam i went to Koh Tao to fulfill my dream of finally doing my Open water diving license. I chose Phoenix Divers randomely as their website was appealing and it definitely was the right choice. My instructor Fabian was a really nice german guy who knew what he was talking about. Diving with him felt save and fun at the same time. The diving school did offer accomondation as well and made sure that we had everything we needed. As soon as I was underneath the water surface a rush hit me and I knew I needed to do this more often. Water is my element – I love to be in the water, swim around, snorkel, freedive, surf, wakeboard,.. and now there is a new passion. It is stunning how magical it feels to remain under water and enjoy the wildlife. Therefore I sponteaneously extended my stay and took the advanced course as well. Nightdives are amazing especially when you see octopussi and lightening plancton. Furthermore I was soooo lucky to see turtles and a WAHLESHARK <3  Always respect the ocean and never touch anything (beside of waste that you may find – please take it with you and help to clean the oceans)

As I have already been to Thailand before I decided to go to Siem Reap, Colombia next, as another childhood dream was to finally see Angkor Wat. WOOOOOOW, I can just say WOOOOOOOW! Make sure when you go there to get the multiple day pass – it is definitely worth it! Speak to some Tuck Tuck drivers and get yourself a good deal (one Tuck Tuck per Day around 18$ for the whole day)- so if you find someone to spent the days with it gets even cheaper 🙂 My absolute favorite temple within Angkor Wat was Bayon – the temple with the faces! But also Ta Prohm, the temple where they filmed Tomb Raider is impressive. Although so many tourists are going to Angkor Wat every day you don’t feel the crowds. You can easily find some lonely spots in all of the temples, take a slow walk around, have a Picknick, watch sunrises and sunsets and meditate. I would kindly ask you to be careful and respectuful to these old temples. You can literally walk and climb around everywhere which means, that the temples slowly erode more and more – so please, be careful and help the next generations to be able to see this miracle. After Angkor Wat I went to Pnom Penh and have seen the killing fields. There it really hit me how little time has passed since the control of the Khmer Rouge. The recent history of Cambodia is really sad and you can feel and see this everywhere in the streets. I guess noone can hold back the tears when visiting the prison s21 and the killing fields. I would recommend to do the prison first, as you then understand better what happend at the killing fields and how everything is related. I would skip the autioguide and go for one of the local guides wich work an donation basis. They make the experience even more lively as all of them have suffered from the war themselves. Make sure to pay a fair amount of money. Next stop what Sihanoukville where I jsut relaxed a couple of days in Otres Beach with a friend I met already in Siem Reap and went to Pnom Penh with. Best Hostel in Otres Beach is definitely House of Wisdom if you like Gypsy and Circus Athmosphere. Maybe you will even find my picture on one of the walls there 😉

After Sihanoukville I went back to Thailand as I wanted to join a Silent Meditation retreat. But this is another story that I will tell you soon 😉 One more very important hint – NEVER EVER book a nightbus with Virak Buntham – this is the WORST WORST WORST buscompany ever. I am not picky at all, backpacker for many years in different countries taught me lessons, but this bus company is another level. You share a not even 1 meter bed with a stranger, it smells terrible inside of the bus, nothign is working, buses break down daily, noone speaks english on the buses, ventilation didn’t work and condense water was dripping on you,… Unfortunately also my bus broke down and instead of travelling for 12 hrs I travelled for 36 hours paying double the amount as I needed to stop other buses to get to Bangkok. I took a journey from Sihanoukville to Bangkok and as the bus was breaking down in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night noone informed us what was going on and even after 8 hours of waiting in the heat, no replacement bus was coming. so we decided to stop bypassing buses. After my Silent Reatreat in Thailand I found out that my beloved Jessy will be in Bangkok the same time as I will so we met again and spent to lovely days in Thailand and visited the Ayutthaya temples – like a smaller form of Angkor Wat and stunning as well.

I spent 11 days in Cambodia with needed approximately 22€ per Day (including bus travels from and to Bangkok). If you travel together you can spend even less as food and accomondation is really cheap in Cambodia. The most expensive part in Cambodia was the entrance and the Tuck Tuck-hires in Siem Reap- without Angkor Wat you can easily survive on 10-12€ per day if you are on a budget.The more you travel the more expensive it gets, so if you stay a little in a place or try hitchhiking you will get around with a lot less money 🙂 Thailand is a little bit more expensive for accomondation, but also here you can easily survive on 15€ a day (as solo traveller – together it is always cheaper!) A meal at a streetfood market is usually around 1€, same goes for fruit-shakes  so it depends on where you want to stay and what you want to eat 🙂

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