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Hello dear friends,

most of the time we have spent in Australia we drove around the Eastcoast in a rental car. We didn’t really have enough time, battery or light to do the report during our travels. After 2,5 months of not sorting out any pictures, you can imagine that it took us quite a long time to do it. 🙂 But here you go – finally we managed to sort out our pictures and write a little story about our adventures in Australia. Don’t skip the picture gallery and the video in the end of the page. 😀



Brisbane – Hervey Bay – Fraser Island – Noosa – Brisbane – Moreton Island – Gold Coast – Byron Bay – Coffs Harbour – Dorrigo National Park – My All Lakes National Park – Sydney – Blue Mountains – Canberra – Lake Entrance – Melbourne – Great Ocean Road – Melbourne – Wilson Promotory National Park – Walhalla – Sydney – Nimbin – Byron Bay – Surfers Paradise – Brisbane – Lady Elliot Island – Hervey Bay – Eumundi – Perth – Frementle



From Auckland we took a flight to Brisbane, catching a Bus to Hervey Bay where my (Tamara’s) Grandaunt Helga is living. Such a lovely warmhearted person <3 During our stay we visited Fraser Island – wow! you can see the video about it here. As we wanted to surf as soon as possible we went straight to Noosa to catch some waves – such a lovely quite calm place. Jessy found her winter wonderland – one street was completely lit up with winter light decoration. You can experience a little impression in our video at the bottom of this page:) We have spent Christmans in Brisbane, although it was a little bit boring as they did not offer something special in the city beside of some firework, wich was nice. Therefore we went to the midnight met into a christian church and booked a tour to Moreton Island for snorkeling around ship wrecks and kayaking with a glass kayak and sandbooaaardiiiing (see the video here). On the 27th we picked up our rental car (Ford Falcon Stationwagen). After a few hours of driving on the motorway the tire of a truck exploded in front of us and smashed our car completely – bad luck! The car rental company didn’t help us but the police and the locals were sooo unbelievable nice! We met so many lovely people through our accident <3 Altough we lost a couple of days of travelling and a quite huge amount of money we were happy that we are healthy and safe. Finally, with our new rental car, we spent our New Years Eve in Byron Bay with some lovely people we met. After that we needed some time in the wilderness and went hiking at Dorrigo National Park and afterwards to My all Lakes (One of the most beautiful and lonely each areas I have ever seen in my life). We then met a friend form Byron Bay in Sydney and some sightseeing in this big, stressful city on the hottest day so far – this was a little bit like torture 😉 But you know how aweful destiny can be – as we complaint too much about the hot weather it was freezingly cold at Blue Mountains and we needed to cuddle each other during the night to not become snowwomen xD Just to let you know – it is not worth to visit Canberra – it is a very quite city and beside of the parliament there is nothing woth mentioning. Making our way to Melbourne we slept in different foests and free campgrounds, always freezing until Jessy had the awesome idea to use the cover of the tent as a blanket – it didn’t make us feel warm but we didn’t spent the whole night awake because of the cold.

Finally we arrived in Melbourne, staying at an old friend called Ryan and his lovely girdlfriend Rosh. They two made us feel so unbelievable welcome and home. Although it has been Ryans 30th birthday on the weekend they took some time for us and showed us aroundand invited us to incredible places. It is so nice to see old friends after such a long time again on the other side of the world. Beside of these two lovely people the city itself was incredible. It was definitely the most beautiful city we have visited in Australia, the flair was quite similar to Vienna xD. After that holiday within a holiday we headed to the Great Ocean Road, which is exactely as you imagine it! A long street on the coast full of magnificent places! It feels like you are in another world when you drive there. As we missed Rosh and Ryan we visited them again for 2 days, it was really difficult ot say goodbye to such a lovely couple, but they gave us some good advice to drive to Wildon Promotory National Park–> WOW, we were in quite a hurry to see a play at the Sydney opera but if you have time, visit this national park and stay there for  a couple of nights! The next day we went to Walhalla (primary because Tamara wanted to go to the city due to the name of it haha) and there we visited the old gold mine. A very cute, very small city where you can totally enjoy the ride you have to take to get there. Next stop was Syyyydneeeeeey where we made ourselves a present and bought tickets for the play „the merry widow“ at the sidney opera house. Well – what should we say – the play itself was AMAZIIIIIIIIING but be aware if you buy tickets for the sydney opera house to be in the front rows as the accustics is so miserable that you hardly hear anything in the back! Next stop was the small hippy town Nimbin – sooooo worth visiting. We won’t write about our experiences here within these 48 hours as it is impossible to describe the flair there and all the lovely warmhearted people and the cute little coffee shops and vintage stores and and and and… On our way back up we stoped at Byron Bay again to attend a neon party which is not worth going unfortunately. They promote it really good but the truth is, that it is really boring! Therefore we headed to David at Surfers Paradise who lived in the most beautiful flat ever and was so much fun to be around. In Brisbane we visited Victor, a lovely guy we met in Byron Bay during New Years Eve before flying to the Southern Great Barrier Reef – Lady Elliot Island. It was the most incredible, magical time we have ever spent somewhere. Check it out here for the Photo Gallery and for the Video!

Feeling blessed we met again with Grandauntie Helga before flying to Perth to the wonderful friend Andy and his incredible family. It felt like we were relatives we haven’t seen for ages but were happy to see again. Andy got stuck at the rig he is working at and therefore his family took care of us the first couple of days 🙂 In Perth we just relaxed, went to Frementle and Rottnest, we did some studies to complete a university course and enjoyed our time with these awesome lovely people <3 Andy and his family adopted us straight way and made the end of our Australia adventure perfect.

A huge thank you to all the lovely people we met for the first time or again after such a long period of time. You are the reasons our adventure was as perfect as it has been, you are the reasons we will take a part of Australia in our hearts and will never forget the beauty and magic about this „country“. xoxoxoxoxo <3









11.12.2017 Arrival in Australia <3 Brisbane

12.12. – 19.12.2017 Hervey Bay with Auntie Helga <3

14.12.2017 Fraser Island

19.12.2017 Surfing in Noosa

23.12.2017 – 27.12.2017 Hello Brisbane

25.12.2017 Morton Island

27.12.2017 –> day of the beginning of our car rental and day of our accident

27.12. – 30.12.2017 trying to figure out how to get a new rental car, fixing everything with police and the lovely towing man Al 🙂

30.12.2017 – 03.01.2018 Byron Bay

03.01.  – 04.01.2018 Dorrigo National Park

05.01.2018 My all Lakes <3

06.01. – 09.01.2018  Sydney

09.01.  – 11.01.2018 Blue Mountains

12.01.2018 Canberra

13.01. – 15.01.2018 driving and sleeping at Lake Entrance

16.01. – 22.01.2018 Melbourne with Rosh and Ryan <3

22.01. – 25.01.2018 Great Ocean Road

25.01. – 27.01.2018 Melbourne with Rosh and Ryan again <3

27.01.2018 Wilson Promotory National Park

28.01.2018 Walhalla

29.01. – 31.01.2018 Sydney

01.02. – 02.02.2018 Nimbin

02.02. – 03.02.2018 Byron Bay

04.02. – 07.02.2018 Surfers Paradise

08.02 – 09.02.2018 – Brisbane bei Victor und Tamara aus Brasilien 🙂

10.02. – 11.02.2018 Lady Elliot Island – Southern Great Barrier Reef <3

12.02. – 14.02.2018 Hervey Bay

15.02.2018 Eumundi Market und Jessy Ginger Breat Factory

16.02.2018 Car Returnal and flight to Perth to Andy

16.02. – 28.02.2018 Perth

25.02.2018 Frementle Prison

28.02.2018 Jessy is flying to Cambodia, Tamara to Thailand

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